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Christopher Scott: 4 years and beating the algorithms

The Christopher Scott story and how we made it to the top charts!

Celebrating 4 fantastic years of podcast. 1085 podcasts, hundreds of videos, 3 published books plus one audio and millions of listens and views. The top video I believe was a video about common sense that on Facebook got something like 400k views. YouTube I could never get any traction, top video maybe 12k views.

Let me share this from a listener:

I’m happy the articles I sent you were helpful, this one isn’t a verifiable article just my own observation and experiment, all day today my podcast library won’t load or update, I haven’t been able to listen to a single conservative podcast ALL DAY! So I decided to try MSNBC and viola success today’s loaded and played instantaneously so I thought 🤔 maybe who the fork knows? So I went to CNN and all be damned if it didn’t load and play right away!! So I go back to my library thinking aha that fixed the problem, NOPE!! Still waiting stuck in the swirlies watching dots chase each other in a circle still. Again just MY OWN OBSERVATION but as for my iPhone conservatives have been SILENCED while left wing socialists seem to be having no problem letting their voice be heard!!

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