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The Marine Rebellion Has Begun

One angry Marine should scare the world. His enemies should be shaking.


Another fan from Hawaii!

I lived there for 4 years and would have never left but for the reality that it’s more expensive than Communist California and just as far LEFT!! I did enjoy surfing in January in nothing more than a pair of board shorts though. Never a bad weather day even in the middle of a hurricane 👍 - CHAD

'The algorithm fired me': California bill takes on Amazon's notorious work culture

An Assembly-passed bill is expected to reach the Senate floor this week or next to crack down on the opaque, algorithm-led and harsh warehouse work conditions often attributed to the Seattle technology behemoth.

The bill, the first such legislation in the nation, would require warehouses to disclose quotas and work speed metrics to employees and government agencies. It would ban “time off task” penalties that affect health and safety, including bathroom use, and prohibit retaliation against workers who complain.